3 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

It is normal to get sad about things. Changes in your own life, such as the loss of a job, friend or relationship can compound and make the sad emotions linger longer than they should. What is the difference between being temporarily unhappy and being depressed? Recognize these signs that your bout of the blues is something more serious.

1. The Sadness Intensifies

When you start feeling sad, you can usually pinpoint the source of that grief. Did your beloved pet just die? Did you recently decide to end a long-term relationship? A triggering event is a common way your sadness may start to take shape. Over time, however, you should start to feel better. After a few days, you should start to come out of the slump and feel better. However, if that doesn’t happen, and the hurt and sadness seem to worsen, you may have crossed over into a depressive state. Check out some of the clinical research in psychiatry to see if you exhibit any of these symptoms.

2. Withdrawing From the World Seems Like a Good Idea

The deeper into a depressive state your brain gets, the worse you feel. Pretty soon, what started as an emotional problem turns into physical pain. People who suffer from depression often report feeling achy, tired and unable to perform simple tasks. If you feel like staying in bed for days and weeks on end is the best idea, your depression is worsening.

3. You Think About Hurting Yourself

If you hit a point where hopelessness completely takes over, clinical research in psychiatry suggests you may begin to feel like hurting yourself is the only way to stop the emotional and physical agony. When you get to the point of suicidal thoughts or ideations, you must seek help immediately before you act on those thoughts.

Depression is a mental disorder that can either be chemical-based, or situational based. Either way, stopping it requires treatment from a professional who can help through talk therapy and medication.

What is the Role of a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Healthcare is like real estate. It’s largely based on location. A typical doctor’s appointment in France isn’t like care in the U.S. The health insurance systems are completely different as is the medical practices.

In every country, there are medical specialists. In the United States, there’s a specialist called a sports medicine doctor, like Jordan D. Metzl, MD a physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery. However, he’ll be the first to tell you sports medicine doctors don’t just help athletes.

How a Sports Medicine Doctor Differs From Other Physicians

The field of medicine is so broad, most medical professionals choose a specialty to practice. This allows them to gain a keen understanding of certain types of ailments and human anatomy. Sports medicine is one of those specialties.

A sports medicine doctor treats sports-related injuries as well as musculoskeletal ailments of all kinds. These ailments can be simple injuries that are relatively easy to recuperate from all the way up to serious injuries that require multiple surgeries. There are also chronic ailments that require ongoing treatment.

Common injuries and ailments that are treated by sports medicine doctors include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Sprains
  • Tendinitis
  • Fractures
  • Sports concussions
  • Arthritis
  • Ligament tears
  • Muscle tears
  • Dislocations

Pain is another problem that a sports medicine doctor treats. This is generally the case when pain is felt in the bones or joints such as the wrist, knee, shoulder or elbow. They diagnose the problem causing the pain and come up with a treatment plan for controlling and improving it.

Some physicians are sports medicine surgeons. They have gone through additional training to provide surgical intervention when a sports-related or musculoskeletal system injury cannot be corrected with non-invasive therapies.

There’s also something known as primary sports medicine care. This is a practice where sports medicine doctors use non-surgical musculoskeletal care. It can also be a matter of health management to help a patient maintain their health.

Often people confuse sports medicine with physical therapy. While they are similar in that both specialties work to correct musculoskeletal ailments, there are distinct differences. For one, physical therapists are never surgeons and don’t obtain a medical degree like sports medicine doctors. They also aren’t required to do a residency before practicing independently.

Because of this additional training, sports medicine doctors are able to diagnose medical problems using specialized equipment and can also prescribe medications. Often it’s a sports medicine doctor that refers a patient to a physical therapist for follow-up care.

A physical therapist does have to complete education and other requirements mandated by the state before they can get licensed. These specialists help with the recovery of a number of ailments, even those outside of sports injuries, using non-invasive techniques that focus on proper movement and strength building.

Who a Sports Medicine Doctor Helps

Athletes of all ages often visit a sports medicine doctor to treat injuries that are sustained during training or playing. This is highly beneficial for athletes because a sports medicine doctor isn’t just focused on correcting the problem. They focus on helping patients fully recover and ideally be even healthier than before. That means athletes have a better chance of getting safely and quickly back in the game.

Dr. Metzl and many other sports medicine doctors are former athletes themselves. They understand the demands and desire to play again. They also understand the tough road ahead to get there.

However, everyday ordinary people also seek out the expertise of sports medicine doctors. The patients range from children to active retirees. Many fitness enthusiasts and dancers also end up in a sports medicine doctor’s office. Generally speaking, anyone who suffers a muscle or bone injury may need to see a sports medicine doctor.

If you suffer an injury that requires the expertise of a sports medicine doctor it’s important to find a highly qualified physician. These types of injuries can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues if not treated appropriately. Look for a physician who is a member of National Organization for Primary Care Sports Medicine and/or the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine to ensure you get the best results possible.

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